The next ‘Reise,’ the next adventure

Courtesy of the Seattle Municipal ArchivesAfter a lot of deliberation, a lot of stressing, and a lot of dreaming, my partner and I have made a huge decision: at the end of this summer, we will be moving to Seattle.

Of course, dear Reise readers, there will be posts about Germany and Europe yet to come. I do apologize that I have not been the most attentive blogger in the big ol’ blogosphere. Who would have thought such a cool hobby could be so much work?

There is something cool and comforting about moving to a[nother] place we’ve never been and living out the next chapter of our lives (to catch everyone up: Hannah has been working on her M.S. at Syracuse University while I’ve been enjoying a year abroad with a Fulbright fellowship in Germany).

I think now is the appropriate time to make this big, scary, exciting move blog-official. Just over two years ago I celebrated my 21st birthday in Germany, and I can’t say that at that time I envisioned doing it once again (as I did this past Thursday). Tomorrow I will be celebrating Easter in Germany, again just as I had two years previous. And while I am missing my family, my partner, and Buffalo’s broadway market, being here – like moving to Seattle at the end of this summer – is one of those rare chances in life to experience something really different.

So what will we be doing in Seattle?

Hannah will begin her career (in education or a related field, doing what she loves best: helping students from historically disadvantaged backgrounds succeed academically and, down the road, professionally). I will begin a Ph.D. program at the University of Washington, studying political science with some amazing and inspiring scholars. Go Huskies!

The decision was not an easy one. In fact, it’s an incredibly scary proposition! Stay tuned Monday for the highs and lows of making this move! (Hint for low: We both hate being apart from our families)


Photo courtesy of Seattle Municipal Archives: Space Needle and downtown skyline with Mount Rainier, aerial, 2001 Calendar.


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